Silicone Coating System Calculator

Easily estimate the amount of Mule-Hide product you'll need for your next silicone coating project. Calculated results are based on Mule-Hide's specifications. Click here to view product information, specifications, data sheets and more. If you need additional information, contact us and you’ll be connected with a member of the Mule-Hide team.

No-Dollar-Limit Warranties require seams to be sealed
Account for parapet walls, valleys, waterways and ponding water if applicable
  • All No-Dollar-Limit Warranties require seams to be sealed.
  • All calculations include a 10% waste factor.
  • Metal roof calculations include an additional 15% of material to account for the rib profile.
  • 115 Cleaner is not included in the calculator please see the PDS proper use.

This calculator is for estimating purposes only. Actual requirements will vary depending on the porosity of the application surface and specific project details. Statements, including product estimates, concerning the possible use of Mule-Hide products, are made without knowledge of your particular project and such an application may not be fit for your particular purpose. Visit the Mule-Hide website prior to any installation for updated technical specifications and details. By using the calculator, you are acknowledging and agreeing to the foregoing.