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The story behind the name

The original Mule-Hide trade name was registered in 1906. Mule-hide manufactured top-quality roofing products that quickly gained a reputation for long-lasting performance. The Mule-Hide® name developed because of an incident witnessed outside an office in Chicago. As the story goes, a horse drawn wagon with four horses was stuck in the mud. To help out, another driver hitched two more horses to the wagon. They were still unsuccessful. A short time later, a wagon with two mules came by. They took off all of the horses and hooked up the two mules. The mules dug down hard and pulled the wagon out. The impressive strength and durability of the mules would express those same qualities associated with the roofing materials Mule-Hide Products came to represent.

Old Mule Hide Shingle Package


Mule-Hide Timeline

Historical Overlook


Mule-Hide Products provides professional roofing contractors with all of the essential products to install, complete or repair commercial roofing projects. With more than 3,000 SKU's active today, we can fulfill any low-slope commercial roofing need.


Mule-Hide trade name is purchased to market top quality Single-Ply, Poly ISO Insulation, and Accessories. Mule-Hide systems quickly gain the reputation of performance to the highest industry standards.


The original trade name is registered. Mule-Hide manufactures top quality roofing products with a reputation for long lasting performance.