Maintenance and Repair Selection Tool

Use Mule-Hide's maintenance and repair selection tool to easily identify the right solution for low-slope roofing systems. Below, tell us the roofing system and the issue, and we'll recommend appropriate product options and solutions. It's that easy.

Statements made concerning materials shown are intended as a guide for material usage and are believed to be true and accurate at the time of creation and are provided solely for applicator’s consideration, investigation and verification. Mule-Hide Products Co., Inc., does not warrant any results to be obtained. Statements concerning possible use of Mule-Hide products are made without knowledge of your particular roof and/or coatings project and such an application may not be fit to your particular purpose. MULE-HIDE DISCLAIMS ALL WARRANTIES, INCLUDING THE IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, except written warranties attached to Mule-Hide products and written warranties signed by an officer of Mule-Hide. Verify whether the existing roof is covered by a manufacturer warranty. If it is, consult with that manufacturer for proper maintenance and repair procedures. Always follow standard repair procedures in the ARMA/NRCA/SPRI Repair Manual for Low-Slope Roof Systems. Follow handling instructions and precautions for repair products by reviewing the safety data sheets.