All Purpose Bar

All Purpose Bar

All Purpose Bar

All Purpose Bar is designed for use as an anchor bar for attachment of Mule-Hide EPDM membranes. May be installed in the field seam as a batten bar and used at the base of curbs, parapet walls and angle changes as an anchor bar. Also be used with any Mule-Hide single-ply membranes as a termination bar. Refer to the Mule-Hide Single-Ply Manuals for specific use and installation instructions.

  • EPDM
  • TPO
  • PVC
  • ModBit

Features & Benefits

  • Can be used as a batten bar(ribs up) or as a termination bar (ribs down)
  • Horizontal Pre-punched mounting holes 6" on center
  • Must use water cut off when used as termination bar
  • Can be used on all membranes including Mod Bit
  • .050" thick
  • Cannot be wrapped around corners
  • Meets  UL Standards
  • Meets  FM Standards
  • Meets  Miami-Dade-County Standards
  • Meets  ICC-ES Standards




Item ID Description Packaging Qty per Ctn Weight per Ctn Cover Rate
08MHAP10 MH ALL PURPOSE BAR 500'/TUBE Fiber Tube 50 40