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Acrylic vs Silicone In Ponded Areas

Posted: 06/10/2019

Let’s be very clear before we get started.  We do not advocate installing any coating product in ponded areas.  The NRCA defines ponding as any water that remains on the roof for longer than 24 hours following a rain.  Furthermore, there are very definitive best practices for an...

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Have you ever wondered?

Posted: 05/29/2019

We take so many things for granted without a second thought.  We do stuff because, well, we have always just done it that way.  Have you ever sat down and wondered why some things are the way they are?  Here are some quick examples: Why does Mule-Hide require backing nailing of Mod...

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Slope Vs. Pitch

Posted: 05/13/2019

While writing our last post, an interesting question came back to me. It was the same question I had when I received the Holts Roof Gauge after purchasing it on eBay and began to look at it closely.   What’s the difference between slope and pitch?  1/4 pitch is 6:12 slope? ...

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A Blast From The Past

Posted: 05/01/2019

Did you know that the Mule-Hide brand has been in existence for over a hundred years?  The Lehon Company, from Chicago, IL, created the brand in 1906 and manufactured and sold shingles, siding and other roofing accessory products. Over the course of time, the ownership of the Mule-Hide brand pa...

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Pitch Pans For Any Occasion

Posted: 04/16/2019

ShapeShift Pitch Pan & MP Liquid Sealant can be used with EPDM, TPO, PVC, metal, spray polyurethane foam, elastomeric acrylic coating, smooth modified bitumen and smooth built-up roofing systems. Together, they are a single solution for creating pitch pans for use in virtually any l...

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