A-310 Finish

A-310 Finish

A-310 Finish

A-310 Finish is a 100% Acrylic based high solids, heavy bodied elastomeric roof coating designed for all common roof substrates. Delivering the highest solids content of Mule-Hide Products acrylic coatings, A-310 forms a seamless and flexible layer of protection for your roof. This durable coating is designed to seal and dramatically reduce the surface temperatures. A-310 Finish is formulated with UV reactive chemicals for enhanced film forming characteristics and dirt pickup resistance remaining bright white after weathering.

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Features & Benefits

  • Engineered for all substrates including spray foam
  • Resistant to dirt pickup
  • Remains bright white after weathering
  • Available in white, gray or tan
  • Apply with spray, roller or brush
  • Up to 20 year warranty available on metal only
  • Up to 15 year material only warranty available on multiple substrates
  • Meets  CRRC Standards




Item ID Description Packaging Qty per Ctn Weight per Ctn Cover Rate
16MHA3105 MH A-310 FINISH WHITE 5 GAL Pail 1 61
16MHA31055 MH A-310 FINISH WHITE 55 GAL Drum 1 663
16MHA310TO MH A-310 FINISH WHITE 275 GAL Tote 1 3263
16MHA3105G MH A-310 FINISH GRAY 5 GAL Pail 1 61
16MHA3155G MH A-310 FINISH GRAY 55 GAL Drum 1 663
16MHA31TOG MH A-310 FINISH GRAY 275 GAL Tote 1 3263
16MHA3105T MH A-310 FINISH TAN 5 GAL Pail 1 61
16MHA3155T MH A-310 FINISH TAN 55 GAL Drum 1 663
16MHA31TOT MH A-310 FINISH TAN 275 GAL Tote 1 3263