A-200 Flashing

A-200 Flashing

A-200 Flashing

Highly flexible sealant for seams, penetrations, flashings, metal roof fasteners, and other areas to fill voids in the substrate. Application of product can be brushed or extruded.

  • M&R
  • AC

  • Apply by trowel or brush
  • Must be used to seal fasteners and seams for a system warranty
  • Minimum of 24 hour cure time between coats.
  • If applying a top coat of A-300 Finish over A-200 Flashing, it must be applied within 72 hours
  • When working with a metal roof, A-125 Metal Roof Primer must be applied prior to A-200 Flashing
  • DO NOT USE with PVC single-ply membranes
  • Do not freeze, do not thin
  • Do not store at temperatures below 45°F or in excess of 120°F
  • Also available in wand grade




Item ID Description Packaging Qty per Ctn Weight per Ctn Cover Rate
16MHA2002 MH A200 FLASHING EAC 2 GAL/PL WHITE Plastic Pail 1 39
16MHA2005 MH A200 FLASHING EAC 5 GAL/PL WHITE Plastic Pail 1 63




Application Example Image
Application Example Image
Application Example Image

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