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To and Fro: Travels of an Old Roofer

Posted: 7/1/2019

First, let me begin; thank you Jeff Foxworthy.

If you look up every time you walk into a building – You might be a roofer

If you tell your kids while driving across town, “I’ve been on that building.” – You might be a roofer

If the first thing you do when you get to your hotel room is to look out the window to check out the roofs – You might be a roofer

Well, a few weeks ago I did some traveling out east.  After a long day of travel, I checked into my hotel room and did what every true roofer would do.  I looked out the window to check out the roofs.  Come on, let’s be honest, you know you have all done this too.  I’m a roofing nerd and roofing nerds find ways to play little games to demonstrate their true total roofing nerdiness.

 My first game is like the Highlights magazine hidden picture game.  Find the following:


1. Ponding water 


2. An electrical hazard


3. Bubbled uncured flashing


4. An empty pitch pan


5. Bridging at base flashings


6. Improperly flashed pipe




Game #2: What's wrong with this

Finally, our last game, Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?

Here’s your subject for the Million Dollar question: Flashings

Do you want to continue with the Million Dollar question or drop out?


Good, here we go.

How much larger should a pitch pan be than the projection being flashed?

Answers in our next blog post!

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