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The Case for Roof Restoration

Posted: 9/6/2022

When it comes to a deteriorating low-slope or metal roof, doing nothing is not an option. Ignoring the problems – from small leaks to open seams, loose fasteners and rusting metal panels – will not make them go away. They will get worse, ultimately putting the building – and everyone and everything inside it – at risk. Something must be done. But that “something” is not necessarily replacing the roof. Restoring the roof, either by coating it using a fluid-applied system or by recovering it with a new single-ply membrane, may be the far better option. Of course, the existing roof must still be sound, and leaks and other issues must be addressed before restoration begins. But once those boxes have been checked, restoration can deliver big benefits. Here are the top 10...

1. Extended Service Life: Restoration (fluid-applied, mod bit & single-ply systems) can add years – even decades – to a roof’s useful life, delaying the expense and hassle of a full tear-off and replacement.

2. Recharged Performance: Restored roofs deliver near-new performance... watertight and able to withstand wind, ice, hail, ultraviolet radiation and whatever else Mother Nature dishes out.

3. Dramatically Lower Cost: Recovering a roof can cost 50% to 75% less than a full tear-off and replacement. Coating a roof may even deliver greater savings, as that cost can be as much as 25% less than recovering.

4. Cool Roof: White roof coatings and single-ply membranes enhance a building’s energy efficiency by lowering rooftop and interior temperatures. They reflect much of the sun’s energy away from the roof and release most absorbed energy back into the atmosphere, reducing the need for air conditioning, helping maximize the performance of rooftop HVAC units and mitigating the “urban heat island effect.”

5. Less Waste: Roofing materials are the third largest contributor to landfill waste. When a roof is restored, the existing roof stays in place and out of the local landfill.

6. Fresh Warranty: Roof restoration provides a fresh new warranty. No-dollar-limit (NDL)* system warranties of up to 20 years are available for fluid-applied roofing systems. NDLs of up to 30 years (EPDM & TPO) and 20 years (PVC & mod bit) are available when recovering an existing membrane.

7. Less Disruption:While restoration work takes place, life inside the building can go on as usual with little (and often no) disruption. No need to temporarily vacate areas or cover building contents while the roof above is open. Less noise. Minimal mess. Fewer parking spots commandeered for materials storage. Walkways and building entrances remain more accessible.

8. Faster Installation. Smaller Crew: Smaller crews are needed to restore a roof than to install a new roof and they can finish the job significantly faster.

9. Looks Great: Restoration gives a roof a fresh, clean look, whether it is bright white or, for a more visible roof, a beautiful color that complements the rest of the building.

10. Product Availability: When supply chain challenges cause delays in getting some roofing materials to the job site, coatings are often more readily available, helping keep jobs on schedule. Recovering eliminates waiting for insulation, decking material and other items needed when installing a new roofing system.


The information herein should not be considered all-inclusive and should always be accompanied by a review of the Mule-Hide specifications and guidelines and good application practices. The information is based upon data and knowledge considered to be true and accurate at the time of printing and is provided for the reader’s independent verification. No statement made by anyone may supersede this information, except when done in writing by an officer of Mule-Hide Products Co., Inc. Statements concerning possible use of Mule-Hide products are made without knowledge of your particular roof and such an application may not be fit for your particular purpose; Mule-Hide does not warrant any results to be obtained. Except for written warranties attached to Mule-Hide products and written warranties signed by an authorized employee of Mule-Hide, MULE-HIDE DISCLAIMS ALL WARRANTIES, INCLUDING IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. *NDL warranties are only available for commercial projects.

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