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Self-Adhered Mod-Bit – At Home on Residential Low-Slope Roofs

Posted: 7/1/2020

Some homes have roof sections – often over a porch, small addition, entryway or garage – that are just too flat for shingles. With so little slope, a shingled roof won’t shed water sufficiently, resulting in leaks and damaged wood. The solution, according to Trevor Atwell, owner of Atwell Exterior Services LLC in Greenville, North Carolina, is to install a self-adhered modified bitumen (SAMB) roofing system on the low-slope area and integrate it with the shingled steep-slope roof.

Atwell crews have taken this approach on “numerous” projects, Trevor says, with Mule-Hide SAMB being their go-to product for creating systems that are quick and easy to install, durable and good-looking.

With SAMB, crews can dispense with the hot asphalt, the propane torches, and the mess and odor of cold process adhesives. And Mule-Hide SAMB makes seaming easy, too.

“It’s user-friendly,” Trevor says. “The SealLap® ULTRA side laps and FASTLap® end laps are a huge benefit. You don’t have to take that extra step of coating with a flashing cement or heat welding the seams like you do with other self-adhered mod-bit membranes.”

Trevor does recommend keeping a heat welder or hot air gun on the truck for use when installing SAMB in colder weather; a little heat ensures the membrane remains flexible for easy detail work, he says.

Mod-bit membranes are also thicker than other single-ply membranes, Trevor says, helping keep them puncture-free when subjected to falling tree branches and wind-blown debris.

Finally, SAMB is available in a variety of colors which can match shingle colors and enhance a home’s curb appeal.

“It’s much easier to match the membrane and shingles with mod-bit than it is with EPDM or TPO,” Trevor says.

More information about Mule-Hide SAMB can be found here.

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