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Repairing a Leaky Corrugated Metal Roofing System

Posted: 6/15/2020

Mule-Hide Products at Home on Residential Metal Roofs

Not so long ago, metal roofing systems were found almost exclusively on agricultural buildings, warehouses and other utility structures. That’s changing. More homeowners are choosing them, attracted to their long lifespans, their sustainability, and the vast array of colors, styles, patterns and profiles available.

While Mule-Hide’s products are designed with low-slope roofing applications in mind, several also find themselves right at home on these residential roofs. This project completed by Atwell Exterior Services LLC of Greenville, North Carolina is a perfect example.

Atwell Exterior Services used Seal-Fast® Repair Hero roof flashing when repairing this home’s leaky corrugated metal roof.

“We do not recommend installing corrugated metal roofs on homes,” says Atwell Exterior Services owner Trevor Atwell. “They are designed for use on agricultural buildings, and they work well in those applications. But they have exposed fasteners, and when you have exposed fasteners above a conditioned space, you’re asking for leaks. In five or 10 years, the fasteners will leak.”

This roof was no exception, and Atwell Exterior Services was called in to make the necessary repairs. The crew installed closure material under the ridge cap to prevent wind-driven rain from entering the home. They then used Seal-Fast Repair Hero to seal all exposed fasteners and penetrations.

“Seal-Fast Repair Hero is more than a Band-Aid,” Trevor says. “It’s going to hold up.”

“We always keep Repair Hero on hand,” he adds. “It’s a good, general-purpose flashing that can be used in so many applications.”

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