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Product Spotlight

Posted: 3/28/2024
Product Spotlight

RGA 1 Rubberized Flashing Cement

RGA 1 rubberized flashing cement delivers super-premium performance and up to 10% more coverage per case.

Designed for use on modified bitumen and asphalt roofs, it can be used …

  • to seal laps, seams and perimeter edges of SBS mod bit membranes.
  • to repair splits, breaks and small holes in asphalt-based roof membranes and flashings.
  • when installing metal edge flanges and sealing other metal joints.
  • on shingles, concrete, brick, stone and metal flashings.

It …

  • delivers outstanding adhesion to wet, dry and submerged surfaces.
  • is a one-grade solution; no need to switch between summer and winter grades with the change of seasons.
  • accommodates movement that causes conventional plastic cements to crack.

The screw-on tip ensures that, when a cartridge is empty, the product retained in the tip is not lost. That means up to 10% more coverage per case. Simply remove the tip and screw it onto a new cartridge.


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