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Product Spotlight

Posted: 4/12/2023
Product Spotlight

JTS 1 Joint & Termination Sealant

Sag-free, non-shrinking, fast-curing, extraordinarily workable, and low-odor, JTS 1 is a versatile, go-anywhere joint and termination sealant, quickly and easily sealing large joints – even those submerged under water.

The 100% solids moisture-cure urethane sealant …

  • Delivers excellent adhesion to EPDM and PVC roof membranes, concrete, masonry, wood, vinyl and other common building materials. TPO roof membranes must be primed prior to application of JTS 1.
  • Is exceptionally workable for fast, easy application.
  • Is isocyanate-free for improved stability and moisture tolerance when applied to wet surfaces.
  • Cures in just one day.
  • Does not shrink or sag. It provides watertight closure of joints up to 2 inches wide and 1 inch deep without the use of a backer rod. When applied to vertical surfaces, the bead stays in place, rather than oozing down the joint.
  • Is available in nine colors – eight standard colors that complement a wide array of building materials and Clear to provide a custom look without the time and hassle of color-matching.
  • Is packaged in plastic cartridges that outlast cardboard tubes and can be submerged under water to repair roof leaks, gutters and downspouts.
  • Is solvent-free, has minimal odor and can be used in areas with volatile organic compound (VOC) restrictions.
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