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Mule-Hide Products Modified Bitumen

Posted: 1/30/2023


A low-slope roofing system only performs as well as its weakest component or detail, and that chink in the armor is typically the seams. If a seam fails, the door is left wide open to water and air, putting the entire roofing system at risk. Mule-Hide Products modified bitumen cap sheets feature patented technology that makes achieving strong, reliable seams fast and easy, helping ensure the roofing system delivers years of weathertight performance.

All cap sheets (self-adhering APP, self-adhering SBS and torch-applied APP) feature FASTLAP® technology. A 6-inch granule-free selvage end lap on each roll speeds up installation and provides a better end lap seam without use of a modified adhesive.

Self-adhering cap sheets also feature SEALLap® ULTRA side lap technology. Factory-applied adhesive on top (side lap) and bottom of the sheet provides 100% adhesive coverage under the removable film, creating an immediate watertight bond in roll-to-roll seaming.

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