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Mortar Sentry Waterproofs Masonry and Concrete

Posted: 7/13/2020

The Big Bad Wolf may not be able to huff and puff hard enough to bring down a brick house, but water can do the trick. If bricks are not properly sealed, they will deteriorate as absorbed water freezes and thaws, the mortar will soften, and a chimney’s flue and other metal components will rust.

Mortar Sentry Water Seal waterproofing treatment from Mule-Hide Products produces a water-repellant surface on masonry and concrete, extending the service lives of chimneys, walls and other surfaces. It has become a regular part of reroofing and remodeling projects for Atwell Exterior Services LLC of Greenville, North Carolina.

Mortar Sentry is designed for use on alkaline materials, including brick, mortar, concrete block, cultured stone, sandstone and concrete. It penetrates below the surface of the material, chemically reacting with the alkalines and silicas there to create a barrier that locks moisture out while allowing trapped moisture to escape.

Atwell Exterior Services crews have used it to seal chimneys and brick walls where water was leaking into the home.

“One of the biggest advantages is that it comes in resealable plastic jugs so you don’t need to open a 5-gallon bucket or 1-gallon can if you’ll just be using a little bit of it,” says owner Trevor Atwell. “It’s more convenient. It keeps better. The shelf life is better.”

Atwell advises contractors not to “skimp” when applying Mortar Sentry, ensuring the brick is saturated and becomes fully water-repellant when it dries. “Put it on until you think the brick won’t take any more and then put more on,” he says.

For more photos of Atwell Exterior Services work with Mortar Sentry, click here, here, here or here.

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