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Posted: 6/14/2022

Q&A with the MHP Experts

We sat down with Nick Doran, Eastern Michigan Territory Manager. Nick has been with Mule-Hide Products for four years. He is married with two children, and enjoys sports and being outdoors. He resides in Livonia, MI.


Q. How would you describe your role as territory manager for Mule-Hide Products?

A. Territory managers are the boots on the ground and the subject matter experts for our customers. From understanding the products, installation practices and specifications, to providing guidance through roof walks and training seminars, our customers can count on us to be there when they need us.


Q. How does the service you provide to your customers set you apart?

A. I operate everyday with a service-oriented approach, not a sales approach.  I'm equally focused on roofers who are just getting into the low slope space, as I am the contractors who have been doing this work for years. We offer various levels of training, from small-scale product demos, to full systems hands-on instruction. Not all manufacturers will do that. It’s about what the customer needs and that’s our value add. We care about all contractors, regardless of size. 


Q. What do you enjoy most about your role?

A. I love the people. The relationship side of the business is my favorite and the people I work with everyday are my friends. Each day has a different scope that brings on new challenges.  Additionally, I like the fact that we get to be outside on the roof, face-to-face with the installers. There’s always something to learn.


Q. What is going on in your territory right now?

A. Now that the warm season is here, I'm seeing more fully adhered systems installed. In the wintertime here in Michigan, it's more challenging to glue a roof system down due to weather restrictions.  It’s a busy time of year. Due to single-ply material constraints, a lot of my customers are talking about fluid applied coatings for the first time ever. I am providing them with the training and resources they need to grow their business in that direction as well.

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