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SEBS Seam Sealer
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PDS SEBS Seam Sealer
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SEBS Seam Sealer
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SDS SEBS Seam Sealer
SEBS Seam Sealer
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SEBS Seam Sealer
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SEBS Seam Sealer

SEBS Coatings > Flashing

Is a premium, synthetic, rubber-based roofing sealant. It is intended for flashing, sealing and repairing metal roofs and trailers, built-up roofing, modified bitumen, TPO, PVC and many other single-ply systems. Mule-Hide Seam Sealer is ideal for seams, metal flashings and fasteners. Mule-Hide SEBS Seam Sealer is strong, elastic and adheres to most common roofing materials.


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Features & Benefits
  • Apply by trowel or brush
  • Must be used to seal fasteners and seams for a system warranty
  • Minimum of 4-6 hour cure time between coats.
  • SEBS Primer is not required unless heavily rusted

Item ID Description Packaging Qty per Ctn Weight per Ctn Coverage Rate
16MHSESS3 MH SEBS SEALANT 3 GAL Metal Pail 1 23 lbs ¼ inch thick and taper edges
16MHSESS5 MH SEBS SEALANT 5 GAL Metal Pail 1 39 lbs ¼ inch thick and taper edges


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