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Spring Maintenance Checklist

Posted: 3/17/2020

The calendar flipping to March means more than longer days, warming weather, St. Patrick’s Day and the return of baseball. It’s also time for property managers and building owners to do a bit of spring roof maintenance.

Walk your roof to check for any damage Mother Nature caused over the winter. Some spring cleaning also may be in order.

Check drains, gutters and downspouts and remove leaves, garbage and other debris that could cause a clog or back-up. If water can’t flow freely through the drainage system to where you want it to go, it will go where you don’t want it to go – inside your building. Good roofing practice suggests that water not be allowed to remain on the roof for more than 48 hours after a rain.

Give the entire roof a once-over for visible damage, such as cuts or punctures caused by snow removal, falling ice or tree limbs; missing drain strainers; loose flashings and sheet metal; open seams; loose or missing roof edges; and general membrane deterioration. Have your roofing contractor assess any areas of concern and complete any necessary repairs.

Chemicals, petroleum products and animal fats will degrade roof surfaces. If your roof is exposed to these substances – for example, the roofs of restaurants, food processing facilities and machine shops – it may be time to schedule a cleaning. Mule-Hide Products recommends that these roofs be power-washed every 6 to 12 months.

A little TLC will help ensure your roofing system continues delivering watertight, hassle-free performance. For more information, check out this Care and Maintenance Overview.

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