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Shielded Safety: Breaking Down COVID-19 Face Protection for Roofing Contractors

Posted: 10/27/2020

Most of us working in the safety and health industry are aware that the viral pandemic is more than likely to evolve, rather than devolve, in the months and years to come. At least, that is what we should prepare our workforce to encounter through constant analysis and training.  

The most efficient of the four routes-of-entry for hazardous substances into the human body is always inhalation, followed by absorption, ingestion and injection. This is particularly true when the hazardous substance is a virus that exists effectively on the nanoscale. Every week there are new virologic revelations concerning the biology of SARS-2-CoV-19.  While almost everyone agrees uncertainty is the nature of the new normal, it makes it difficult to confidently train your workforce in consistent engineering controls, Safe Work Practices and dependable PPE.  

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