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Next-Generation Helix® Max Low-Rise Adhesive – Dual Tank

Posted: 3/24/2021

New Blowing Agent. More Eco-Friendly. Enhanced Performance.

Introducing the next generation of Helix® Max Low-Rise Adhesive – Dual Tank. Featuring a new hydrofluoroolefin (HFO) blowing agent, it is dramatically better for the environment, works better, and still delivers the features and benefits that have made Helix Max Low-Rise Adhesive a go-to choice for roofing contractors.

The HFO blowing agent replaces the hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) blowing agent used in the previous formula of the two-component, construction-grade polyurethane foam adhesive. HFOs are the most environmentally friendly option available, with low global warming potential (GWP) and zero ozone depleting particles (ODPs). HFCs, on the other hand, have high GWP.

To reduce the climate impact of the commercial roofing industry, a growing number of states in the Unites States and all 10 Canadian provinces have enacted regulations requiring the use of HFOs in pressurized two-part urethane foams and adhesives. Most states in the United States are expected to adopt similar policies in the coming years. The new formula of Helix Max Low-Rise Adhesive complies with these rules.

The switch to an HFO blowing agent also improves the adhesive’s performance in significant ways, including:

  • A redesigned gun tip provides a more consistent splatter application.
  • Greater coverage rates than other canister-based insulation and membrane adhesives.
  • Improved and more obvious string time, giving contractors a longer open window for installation.
  • Improved rise and cell structure.
  • The ability to use Helix Max Low-Rise Adhesive at higher elevations.

What has not changed are the performance and installation characteristics that have made Helix Max Low-Rise Adhesive a contractor favorite, including:

  • A volatile organic compound (VOC)-free, self-contained system.
  • Quick application – up to 15% faster than using a low-pressure dispensing machine.
  • Superior wind uplift performance.
  • Puncture-resistance is 33% to 50% greater than competitive two-component, low-rise adhesives.
  • Elongation of up to 150%.

Following are some key points regarding the transition to the new formula:

  • All Helix-Max Low-Rise Adhesive – Dual Tank produced after Jan. 1, 2021 will have the HFO blowing agent. The previous HFC formula is no longer being manufactured.
  • In-stock tanks of the previous HFC formula may still be sold and used.
  • A tank with the HFO blowing agent cannot be used with a tank with the HFC blowing agent. Tank A and Tank B must have the same blowing agent. To prevent cross-utilization, the threads on the tanks and hose ends have been changed.
  • The change in blowing agent does not affect Helix Max Low-Rise Adhesive packaged in cartridges, 5-gallon jugs, and 15- and 50-gallon drums. These package types do not utilize a blowing agent.

For more information, see the Product Data Sheet, the sell sheet (which includes answers to additional frequently asked questions) and the Helix Max videos.

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