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Create a Professional Look when Standard Accessories Won’t Work

Posted: 9/16/2020

As a roofer, you take pride in installing roofs that look as great as they perform. But when faced with unusually sized or shaped roof penetrations, meeting that high standard can be extremely challenging; field wrapping just can’t provide the neat, polished appearance you’re striving for.

That’s where Mule-Hide Products’ new custom single-ply accessories come in. Designed for use in TPO and PVC roofing systems, they make it easy to deliver professional-looking roofing systems when aesthetics are key (think a hillside building in prime view of occupants at higher elevations) and accessories in standard sizes and configurations won’t work.

The program is an extension of Mule-Hide Products’ existing collection of prefabricated accessories. Seven types of accessories are available – round boots (split and closed), square tube wraps (split and closed), conical boots (split and closed), scuppers (throughwall and overflow), curbs, breather vents (one-way and two-way), and sub base and boot assemblies. 

Accessories for TPO roofing systems are available in White, Tan, Gray and the five TPO Colorway colors – Patina Green, Medium Bronze, Rock Brown, Slate Gray and Terra Cotta. Accessories for PVC roofing systems are available in White, Tan and Gray.

To request a quote, simply fill out this easy-to-use order form, specifying the roofing membrane type, the accessory dimensions needed, and the color desired. You’ll also find a grid section where you can sketch the penetration if the standard configurations need additional customization.

Completed accessories are typically shipped within three days of order placement.

Please note that breather vents, sub base and boot assemblies, and custom-drawn accessories are not approved for use in projects seeking a Mule-Hide system warranty. 

More information about accessories for Mule-Hide Products single-ply roofing systems can be found here

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