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Coping Caps with Lower Installed Cost

Posted: 8/12/2020

Fabricating and installing full coping caps can be a time- and materials-intensive process. EclipsEdge® edge metal profiles can help you save both, providing a lower installed cost while delivering the same aesthetics from the ground and superior wind uplift performance.

A two-part design – a base clip and a metal top cover – makes EclipsEdge extremely versatile and eliminates entire steps often required when installing traditional full coping caps. Available in prefinished steel, aluminum, stainless steel and bonderized steel, EclipsEdge can be used in TPO, EPDM and PVC roofing systems and installation is not sensitive to membrane thickness. It is available in prefinished steel, aluminum, stainless steel and bonderized steel and is offered in a variety of popular colors to complement the look of any building. EclipsEdge is sold in 10-foot lengths. The minimum face is 4 inches and the largest is 13 inches.

EclipsEdge snap-on fascia are installed in four simple steps.
1.    Install flashing membrane up and over the wall and extend it down over the wall’s outside face.
2.    Apply an approved sealant at the roof edge where the base will rest, or to the bottom of the base clip.
3.    Fasten the base clip through the face with approved fasteners. Fastener holes are pre-punched for quick, easy installation.
4.    Install the snap-on metal top cover. The ends are notched to allow overlap, eliminating the need for joint covers.

Because EclipsEdge is not fastened on the horizontal surface of the roof, there are no fasteners that must be sealed with membrane flashing. Since the base clip is continuous, the additional step of installing a continuous clip can be omitted if the face dimension exceeds 4 inches. And the prefabricated components can be installed using a cordless drill.

EclipsEdge snap-on fascia use a fraction of the metal required for full coping caps, as only the leading edge is covered with metal, rather than the entire top surface. This significantly reduces material and installation costs, and the savings only increase with the width of the parapet wall.

All work involved in installing EclipsEdge snap-on facia is done on the job site. No more shuttling back and forth as you measure the copings, go to the shop to fabricate them, and then return to the jobsite to finish the job.

EclipsEdge snap-on fascia include a heavy-gauge sheet metal base clip that, when secured to wood blocking, provides a highly wind-resistant edge treatment. They are ANSI/SPRI ES-1 compliant, meaning jobs incorporating them can be eligible for enhanced wind speed warranty coverage.

In addition to replacing coping caps, EclipsEdge can be used to create raised roof edges/gravel stops, making it a versatile edge treatment for use in Mule-Hide single-ply roofing systems.

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