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Can Seal-Fast Repair Hero Be Used to Repair EPDM?

Posted: 1/6/2021

The short answer is “Yes.” But, for warrantied roofing systems, it is not the best choice.

Seal-Fast Repair Hero roof flashing is an extremely versatile and effective maintenance and repair product. It adheres to all low-slope roofs, including EPDM. It can be applied to dry or wet surfaces and under water. Exceptionally strong and elastic, it out-sticks silicone-based roof patches and better withstands heat, sunlight, building movement and foot traffic.

Using Seal-Fast Repair Hero is easy:

  1. Begin with a clean surface to ensure proper adhesion.
  2. Apply with a roofer’s trowel to 1/8-inch thickness. Over-application on EPDM roofs may cause the membrane to swell.
  3. Taper the edges of the repair.
  4. Polyester fabric may be embedded for added strength.
  5. When working on a wet surface, apply pressure to displace moisture and ensure proper adhesion.

Following these steps will result in an effective, long-lasting repair, making Seal-Fast Repair Hero a great option for non-warrantied roofing systems. But it is classified as a repair and maintenance product – not a system product – and using it on a warrantied roofing system could void the warranty. To ensure that warranty coverage remains in effect, system products, such as Weathered Membrane Cleaner, Mule-Hide Tape Primer, EPDM In-Seam tapes and Mule-Hide Cured EPDM Cover Tape, should be used following the instructions outlined in the details and specifications.

Seal-Fast Repair Hero is an all-weather, all-roof maintenance and repair solution – versatile, strong and able to stand up to the elements, building movement and foot traffic. But when working on warrantied roofing systems, system products should be used.

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