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New Seal-Fast® Repair Hero video

Posted: 02/27/2019

Check out the latest video in the MHP library featuring Seal-Fast Repair Hero. The video is now available on its YouTube channel as well as here on mulehide.com. Offering exceptional strength and elasticity, Seal-Fast Repair Hero is an all-system, all-weather maintenance and repair product. Ready...

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When Animals Attack – Revenge of the Turkey Vultures

Posted: 02/18/2019

Opening scene: Aerial of small town America. Orange County, Virginia, home of the Fighting Hornets.  Panning across the landscape, a city comes into view, the camera stops and begins to zoom in.  It’s the high school athletic fields.  There in the middle of the football field...

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New Self-Adhering Mod Bit Installation Videos

Posted: 02/08/2019

MHP is proud to announce another suite of how-to videos: Self-Adhering Mod Bit. A total of 17 new videos are now available on its YouTube channel as well as here on mulehide.com.   These videos use a mixture of live action and animation to create a better learning experience fo...

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Penetrations Through Vertical Flashings

Posted: 02/01/2019

Why?  Why?  Why? CAUTION These photos were taken during one of our warranty inspections. The following images may be offensive to some roofing contractors     How does this even happen?  Regardless of the trade involved on a project, haphazardly punching...

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