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Cold Weather Installation Part III: SAMB, APP Torch, Helix Max

Posted: 12/2/2019

As a rule, roofing materials become stiffer and more difficult to work with as temperatures decrease. Proper storage and installation of all your roofing materials is crucial to the successful outcome of your project. Here are some more tips for installing Mule-Hide membranes during periods of cold weather (40°F or less), as well as Helix Max Low-Rise Adhesive.

SAMB (Self Adhering Modified Bitumen) - In order to perform properly, SAMB membranes require a minimum application temperature of 40°F and rising for 48 continuous hours. SAMB membranes are required to be at room temperature (60°F to 80°F) during application. During installation, the membrane must be promptly rolled with a minimum 75# roller. Failure to abide by these requirements may result in poor adhesion or cracking issues. SAMB rolls must be stored on end in a warm environment so the material is at room temperature (60°F to 80°F) until just prior to use. Materials not at room temperature (make take 1 or more days to properly warm cold materials) prior to use.

APP Torch - For best results, avoid installing APP Torch membranes at temperatures lower than 40°F to 45°F. Where work is unavoidable at such temperatures, extra care must be taken to ensure that cracking is avoided when un-rolling the membrane and that adequate bonding is achieved during installation. Maintain rolls at room temperature (60°F to 80°F) at the time of application (cold material may take 1 or more days to be properly restored to room temperature). Store rolls on end in heated storage and rotate stock to avoid working with cold material. Accessory items (primer, sealants, and adhesives) must also be maintained at 60°F to 80°F prior to use. Rotate stock to avoid working with cold materials.

Helix Max Low-Rise Adhesive - Apply adhesive when substrate and ambient temperature is above 25°F. When using adhesive in temperatures below 60°F, the adhesive must be kept warm. Adhesive temperature is very important. Containers and adhesive must be above 70°F when applied. Initial rise and set time will vary with weather conditions. The Helix Max Low-Rise Adhesive initial rise (string) time and insulation placement window will vary depending on environmental conditions (temperature and humidity). Adhesive will react quicker in hot, moist environments and slower in cool, dry environments.

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