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Labor Savings Breakdown: EPDM White-on-Black Accessories for TPO

Posted: 11/6/2017

This past month MHP announced the approved use of select White EPDM accessories and details on TPO projects. The inclusion of White EPDM Peel and Stick accessories provides an alternative to hot-air welding when making repairs or when confined spaces prohibit the use of heat guns.

So what is the big deal? Labor savings. Using Non-Reinforced TPO Flashing Membrane to create formable flashings requires pre-heating and pre-stretching of the TPO flashing membrane before you can even begin to think about welding it in place.

You can try to cut corners and just use a roller and some extra heat to stretch the flashing to fit as it’s welded. Of course, if you do that, you will probably have to do it over because your flashing became too thin and split in many areas.

White-on-black EPDM accessories are more expensive than the corresponding TPO accessories, but the higher cost is offset with a significant reduction in labor. Everyone knows materials are priced in pennies but labor is priced in dollars. A contractor makes more money when he can complete the roof in less time than his competitor.

Another added benefit for using white-on-black EPDM on TPO is the simplification of completing repairs. Use white-on-black EPDM and repairs can be done without lugging a bunch of cords and heat guns, or a generator, to the roof. What’s needed? A cordless tool or two, some rags and white-on-black EDPM.

Some contractors are intimidated by TPO flashing work. The membrane is so much harder to work with than the EPDM they have been installing for years. A TPO field-wrapped projection can be pretty daunting when confidence is questionable. Switch to white-on-black EPDM and complete that complex detail like the EPDM pro you are.

The following is a list of new details for White EPDM accessories on TPO projects:

TPO Field Seam Repair with Tape - MHT-UN-104F
TPO "T" Joints 60 mil with EPDM - MHT-UN-105D
TPO Field /Wall Transition Patch with EPDM - MHT-UN-105E
TPO Pre-molded White EPDM Pipe Boot - MHT-UN-520A
TPO Pipe Flashing Field Fabricated - MHT-UN-521A
TPO Hot Pipe Flashing w/Cold Sleeve with EPDM - MHT-UN-522A
TPO Prefabricated Sealant Pocket with EPDM - MHT-UN-527A
TPO Inside Corner with Uncured EPDM - MHT-UN-640D
TPO Outside Corner with Uncured EPDM - MHT-UN-641C

Please note: White EPDM Peel and Stick details are limited to a maximum 20-year warranty.

12/8/17 Primer Update: A basic rule of thumb is the base membrane you are adhering to dictates which primer to use. So if adhering to TPO, then use TPO Primer. If adhering to EPDM, use EPDM Tape Primer. Low VOC Primer works with both EPDM and TPO.

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