Description: JTS 1 (Joint & Termination Sealant) is a moisture-cure urethane sealant made with 100% solids. JTS 1 seals large joints, roof termination bars and adheres to concrete, masonry, EPDM, PVC, TPO (primed), wood, vinyl and most other common building materials.

Colors: White, Black, Medium Bronze, Bronze, Gray, Limestone, Wicker/Tan, Terra Cotta

Packaging: Available in 10-oz plastic tubes, 12 per carton

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FR Adhesive

Description: FR Adhesive is a fire-resistant, water-based, fume-free EPDM bonding adhesive used with standard OSB or plywood inventory. It eliminates the need for commercial modular Manufacturers to stock specialized roof decks to meet UL Class C roof deck requirements.

Systems: For EPDM modular roofing only

Packaging: 5, 55 & 275-gallon containers

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Description: SEBS (Styrene Ethylene/Butylene Styrene) Roof Coating System is a solvent-based coating that is both tough and elastic. SEBS Roof Coating System is designed to be used primarily to repair and restore metal roofs but can be used over other systems.

Application Method: Brush Roller or Airless Sprayer

Dry Time: 4-6 Hours

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Sebs Roof Coating


Description: EclipsEdge is a new edge metal profile that reduces installed cost for raised edges/gravel stops and full coping caps. EclipsEdge is fastened on the fascia rather than the horizontal surface of the roof therefore there is no need to install membrane flashing to seal the fasteners. EclipsEdge consists of a base and a top cover and is available in prefinished steel, aluminum, stainless steel and bonderized steel.

Benefit: Lower installed cost solution for raised roof edge/gravel stop and coping caps

Colors: Kynar Finish

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