Acrylic Coatings Delay the Need for Roof Tear-Offs

Sub Heading Mule-Hide Products Co. has added two base coats, A-300 Base and A-300 Base TPO, to its line of professional-grade acrylic coatings.

Date January 2019

Published in Retrofit Magazine


Repair, Restore Roof With Solvent-Based Coating

Sub Heading 2018 Top 50 Products: SEBS Roof Coating System

Date January 2019

Published in Retrofit Magazine


One-Component Caulk With Rapid Moisture Cure

Sub Heading Mule-Hide Products Adds Echo Colorway Sealant

Date Winter 2018

Published in Paintsquare Press


Primer That Delivers Stronger Adhesion

Sub Heading Mule-Hide Products Introduces Multibase SB

Date December 2018

Published in Roofing Contractor


New Ideas

Sub Heading Adhesive is quick-drying

Date December 2018

Published in Professional Roofing


The Top 40 Products of 2018

Sub Heading Pitch Pans Can Be Used on Horizontal and Vertical Surfaces

Date December 2018

Published in Roofing


Primer for Silicone Roof Coating System

Sub Heading Offers Improved Adhesion, Blocks Asphalt Bleed-Through

Date December 2018

Published in Roofing


Chemical Consideration

Sub Heading Incompatible environmental sources can lead to roof membrane disintegration

Date November 2017

Published in Professional Roofing


The Solutions Behind 7 Tricky Roofing Problems

Sub Heading Get Creative with Special Situations

Date September 2017

Published in Buildings


Elevation Awards Spotlight

Sub Heading Airport Roof Project

Date May 2017

Published in Durability & Design


Editor's Choice: Products that Could have an Impact on your 2017

Sub Heading Safety: Walkway Granules

Date May 2017

Published in Roofing Contractor


Adhesives, Tapes, Sealants & Guns

Sub Heading More Advanced Products Demand More Advanced Delivery

Date April/May 2017

Published in Contractor Supply Magazine


Determining the Condition of a Roof

Sub Heading What shape is it in?

Date April 2017

Published in Facility Maintenance Decisions


Seal it with Silicone

Sub Heading Silicone roof coatings can be a cost-effective option for roof system restorations

Date December 2015

Published in Professional Roofing


A Walk in Roofing Contractor's Shoes: Red Wing Show Company

Sub Heading Plant 1 Blends History, New TPO Roofing System

Date September 2015

Published in Roofing Contractor


Jonathan Shepard Named President of Mule-Hide Products

Date January 2014

Published in Roofing Contractor


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